Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Fourth of July Parade

We Love A Parade!
Our Spectators: Mini-Rebecca, Rose, Mini-Caroline, Tammy

Karen with Mini-Addy in the front seat driving the Grand Marshall car.

Elizabeth, Liberty Day Princes with Mini-Felicity and Mini-Elizabeth as her attendants.

Our Float with Lissie and Lula and Mini-Kaya and puppy, Mr. Duffy!

Our Equestrian Riders, Mini-Josie and Janet, followed by cyclist, Kitty.

And PDQ Bach, our beloved bulldog

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Friday, July 3, 2015

A Very Punny Fourth!

We have been busy all this week preparing for the Fourth of July!

Karen:  It's almost the 4th of July!  You excited, Sylvia?

Sylvia:  Yes, but fireworks scare me.  I've never seen a fire work before.  What kind of Jobs do they have?

Karen: No, you got it wrong!  It's not fires working, it's fireworks!  Like when you finally get the BBQ fire going and you're ready to grill the hamburgers, you say see, the fire works!

Lissie:  Are you guys ready for.... What are you wearing?!

Cecie:  Red, white and blue for the Fourth of July!

Nannerl:  It's a little warm but as long as we got the colors right it's all good!

Bach:  Woof!  Woof!  *Fourth of July Fail*

Ivy:  Kitty!  You're late, our Fourth of July picnic is all ready!

Kitty:  Girls!  I have terrible news!  I just got the RSVP from the ants, they can't make it!

Karen:  WHAT?  We can't have a picnic without ants!  It's against the law!

Rose:  Ok, Mini-Caroline, hold your flag up high.

Mini-Caroline: Got it.

Rose:  Now wave it back and forth.

Mini-Caroline:  Got it.

Rose:  Now put your hand over your heart.

Mini-Caroline:  You're joking right?  Our arms don't bend!

Rose:  Yeah, I'm just messing with you!  You're ready for the parade!


Bea:  This is turning out great!  It was a good idea to use the carriage for our float in our Fourth of July parade!

Sylvia:  What?  No, it wasn't!  It's a terrible idea!

Ivy:  Why do you say that?

Sylvia:  Don't Get me wrong, it's turning out lovely, but how on earth are we going to get this carriage to float?!  It's so heavy!
Have a Merry Fourth of July!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Exciting Times Ahead!

We are making a few changes here at Paws On Keys. We are expanding and branching out and in the process this blog needs to grow a bit. Please be patient while we make a few changes. We can't wait to share with our new and exciting adventures!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Addy's Valentines

"I'm so excited for Valentine's Day!" exclaimed Mini-Addy.  I'm going to make Valentines for everyone!  Let's see... theres 11 big girls, wait! no, 13, because our new friends, Vivian and Sylvia! And 18 minis, well 17 if I don't make one for me.  Wow.  That's a lot of Valentines."

"I've so got this!  Thirty Valentines by February 14th.  That's seven days away.  I've so got this!  Maybe I can even make Valentines for the cute little kitty family and bunnies we met on the way to Friendship, and all the pets, too!  Wow.  I have a lot of friends.  Maybe... too many friends."

"Oh, no!  I have to start over!  All m hearts turned out unevan and I don't have any pink ribbon!  And my scissors are too big! I can't find my little scissors I JUST HAD!  And now there's only 6 days until Valentine's Day.  What am I going to do?"

"What'cha doing?" asked Mini-Kirsten.

Mini-Addy jumped up.  "Nothing."

Mini-Ruthie asked, "Are those hearts?  Are you making Valentines?  We want to make some too!"

"What are you girls doing?" asked Kitty.

"We're making Valentines!" said Mini-Kirsten.  "Want to join us?"

Mini-Addy exclaimed, "Mini-Kirsten!  I told you it's a surprise!"

"It's just Kitty," said Mini-Ruthie, "she won't tell anyone."

"Of course not," said Kitty, "and I would love to help!"

Mini-Addy sighed.

"I can't figure out how to spell Nannerl," thought Addy.  "I don't want to get it wrong on her Valentine.  I better ask Karen.  I'll just wait here until Lissie is finished with her hair.  I wonder what they are talking about.  I can't quite hear what they are saying."

".....Addy....," whispered Lissie, "...."

Karen said, "I know!..... surprise....."

"Oh, no!  They already know about my surprise Valentines!"

"I just wanted to do something nice for all of my friends!" cried Mini-Addy.  I love them all so much, but I'm so small!"

"There, there," cooed Mini-Ruthie, "dry your eyes."

"Oh Mini-Addy, it's going to be okay," comforted Mini-Kirsten.  Your Valentines turned out lovely!  And everyone will love them!"

"But it won't be a surprise!" weeped Mini-Addy.  

Mini-Kirsten said, "Mini-Addy, you need to come with us.  There is something you need to see."

"SURPRISE!  Happy Valentine's Day Mini-Addy!!!"

"F-f-for me?"  gasped Mini-Addy.

"Yes," said Mini-Kirsten.  "We all wanted to be your Valentine this year so we threw a surprise party for you!"

"And here is the key to our hearts," said Janet.  

"See we got you the biggest box of chocolates," said Mini-Ruthie, "because you have the biggest heart!"

"F-f-for me?" whispered Mini-Addy.

"Yes, we love you so much, Mini-Addy!"  

"We had a wonderful Valentine's Day Party for Mini-Addy, and she surprised all of us with thses wonderful Valentines she made," said Karen.  "Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Paws On Keys and Friendship!"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my minis gave to me: A critter in a pine tree!

Karen:  You naughty Minis!  Get that kitty out of the tree!  She's terrified!

On the second day of Christmas, my mini's gave to me, two turtle dogs, and a critter in a pine tree!
Ivy:  Oh my gosh!  You armed the dogs!?

On the third day of Christmas, my minis gave to me....
Nannerl:  Oh, look Ivy!  Three French loaves!
Minis:  On the third day of Christmas the Minis gave to me:  Three French loaves, two turtle dogs and a-
Ivy:  Stop right there! No repeating!  No one likes the endles repeating!
Mini-Josie:  But it's traditional!
Mini-Ivy:  Yeah! Traditional!
Ivy:  Tradition?!  Critters in trees and turtle dogs are not traditional!  And as for French loaves, that's not even that creative!
Mini-Marie-Grace:  Do you know how hard it is to find hens this time of year?  Then catch them and put berets on them!!!
Minis:  And a Critter in a pine tree!

On the fourth day of Christmas....
Cecie:  Oh my goodness!

Lula:  There goes the phone bill.

On the fourth day of Christmas, the Minis gave to me:  Four Calling Birds, three french loaves, two turtle dogs and a--

Lula:  Wait a minute! Is that hen wearing a beret?

And a critter in a pine tree!
On the fifth day of Christmas, my minis gave me....
Kitty:  What's this?  Curly Fries?

Elizabeth:  Indeed.  You know, I could really get behind this one.

On the fifth day of Christmas, the minis gave to me, Five Curled Fries!
On the sixth day of Christmas....


Kitty:  What is that racket?!

Rose:  Looks like day six.

Kitty: At least we are half way through.  I don't know if we can take much more of this!

On the sixth day of Christmas, the minis gave to me:  Six cats-a-wailing!

On the seventh day of Christmas....

Lissie:  Who put the boat in the living room?!  Oh, right.

On the seventh day of Christmas, the Minis gave to me:  Seven pets a-sailing!

On the eighth day of Christmas....

Karen:  You brought the cow into the living room to milk it?

Bea:  The goat, too.

Karen:  Oh, my cow's potatoes!  I wish Christmas would get here so this madness would end!!!

On the eighth day of Christmas the Minis gave to me:  Eight Minis milking...and a critter in a pine tree!

On the ninth day of Christmas....

On the Tenth day of Christmas
Kitty:  Aww!!!  They're so cute when they are sleeping.

Ivy:  I don't know.  I still think they're up to something.

On the tenty day of Christmas the Minis gave to me:  Ten Minis sleeping!... And a feeling of impending doom!

On the eleventh day of Christmas....

Karen:  Oh, my cows potatoes!!!!

On the eleventh day of Christmas the Minis gave to me:  Eleven Minis Driving! .... and a critter in a pine tree!

On the twelveth day of Christmas.....

Minis:  Karen!!  Look what we got you!  Merry Christmas!

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Minis gave to me:  Josefina and her collection, eleven Minis driving, ten Minis sleeping, nin Minis dancing, eight Minis milking, seven pets a sailing, six cats a-wailing, five curled fries! Four calling birds, three French loaves, two turtle dogs and a critter in a pine tree!

Merry Christmas, everyone, from all of us at
Paws on Keys!


Special thanks to 
Karen Bush, editor of Paws on Keys
Vivian Bush, ghostwriter
Samuel Bush, producer and general handyman